Changing game for small businesses

I started using Gigzter initially to lower my transaction costs. For 10 years we have been using Stripe and PayPal who charge crazy high fees for our transactions even though we have had zero fraud and zero charge backs over the years. Our customers use credit and debit cards, but we get charged the same high rates for both. Enter Gigzter and we have basically been able to cut our transaction fees IN HALF for all transactions we move through their platform. We plan to move as much of our business as possible to them as they build out new features and integrations. But this is game changing, they are building a solution that allows small businesses to keep more of their hard earned money. What I didn’t expect, but am beginning to appreciate more, is the functionality they have to also serve as a bank. When I signed up I received a Gigzter debit card. Ok, looks cool. But I have a bank. I was used to getting money in Stripe and PayPal, and then transferring it to a business bank account in 2-3 business days. As I learned more and got comfortable using the app, I realized Gigzter also comes with a bank account number and routing number, and that this actually is ALSO A BANK ACCOUNT. Hmm… Some habits are hard to break… I have a pretty good system for payroll, accounting, paying credit cards, paying myself, etc. with my existing business bank. But when I use the app I get lower fees, I get my money instantly deposited for same day access, and now I can get money in and out to pay credit card bills, run payroll, and link to other accounts? Yeah, I’ll give it a try… So as we have been doing more volume through Gigzter I have been leaving money in the account, and using it to pay for regular business expenses, just like a bank account – because it is a bank account. If I was a newer business starting up, I wouldn’t have a second bank account. Gigzter is a really simple payment and banking solution for new businesses. At the moment we still use Stripe, and PayPal for new transactions that come through on our website, and Gigzter for offline transactions, group sales, and repeat customers. My hope is that Gigzter keeps building out their solution to take on a wider range of payment scenarios/integrations. The app has been easy to use, but I have noticed considerable improvements in recent weeks, including responses to suggestions we made. These guys are on the right trajectory.