Small Business Banking for everyone



GigZter Business Banking & Payments was built to help small businesses grow and expand. We’ve developed models optimized for a diverse set of customer service industries. Which means that we’re always ready for anything! Whether you’re just starting, have an established business, or are trying out a side gig.

Business bank account for therapy services

Therapy Services

You provide therapy for Behavior, Speech, and Motor skills. Massage and Physical therapy services.

Business Bank Account for home improvement services

Home Improvement

Businesses such as Plumbing/HVAC, Painting, Electrical, Remodel, Gardens and Landscaping, Floor, Deck, Pool, and more.

Business Bank Account for Pet care

Pet Care

You are Grooming, Training, Walking, Boarding, and Caring for Pets.

business bank account educational services

Educational Services

You are the lighthouse to help the up-and-coming to learn. Music Teachers, Tutors, College counseling, Test Prep, and Coaching.

Business bank account professional services

Professional Services

You are a self-employed Freelance consultant for strategy, finance, planning, acccounting, book keeing, or freelance programming.

business bank account sport services

Sport Services

You offer Sports and Fitness training, and specialized lessons for a sports career. Backpack and Adventure guides.

business bank account home and child care

Home & Child care

You provide Home Care, Cleaning, Day Care, and Child Care Services.

business bank account self employed

Self – Employed

Not seeing your specific line of work? We’ve got you covered as well.